Used coolers and freezers for the food industry

Continuous freezers and cooling tunnels are used to freeze or cool large quantities of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit, bakery, pasta and specially prepared food. As an international dealer in used food processing machinery, Barsso offers you a variety of used freezers and coolers for the food industry. Our range includes machines such as

  • spiral freezers
  • tunnel freezers
  • plate freezers
  • screw freezers
  • cooling tunnels
  • cooling belts with multiple tiers
  • chillers
  • shock freezers
  • crust freezers
  • liquid (nitrogen) freezers
  • cryogenic freezers

Cooling and freezing tunnels

These are coolers and freezers shaped like a tunnel. They are designed to minimize product weight loss and to ensure gentle handling of the product during the freezing process.

The food products are transported on a stainless conveyor belt through an insulated tunnel. The belt speed and the injections of liquid gas can be regulated. These injections are automatically controlled via the tunnel temperature for the optimization of the gas consumption. The liquid gas will absorb heat from the products and is converted into an atmosphere of cold gas in the tunnel.

Plate freezers

Plate freezers are used to freeze flat food products, such as pastries, fish fillets and beef patties, as well as irregularly shaped vegetables, which are packaged in brick-shaped containers, such as asparagus, cauliflower, spinach and broccoli. The food is firmly pressed between metal plates which are cooled to subfreezing temperatures by circulating refrigerants.

IQF freezing

IQF (individually quick frozen) is a freezing application which makes sure that the frozen food products do not get stuck together.

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  • Linde stikstoftunnel

    "Linde" nitrogen tunnel, Type L8-150

    refrigerant : liquid nitrogen

    adjustable temperature

  • Koelband 4 laags

    “GEA-CFS” cooling tunnel, Type KT-5S 5200/1035, 4 tiers

    cools with ambient temperature

    dripping plate

  • “GEA-CFS” cooling tunnel, 5 tiers

    cools with ambient temperature

    stainless steel mesh wire belt

  • “Frigoscandia” Spiral Freezer, Type Gyrocompact GGM 76-08-20-16 NS

    suitable for ammonia and freon

    spiral belt with 28 tiers

  • Reco spiraalvriezer

    “Reco” Spiral Freezer

    spiral belt stainless steel wi

    belt length : ± 80 m

  • Reco spiraalvriezer

    “Reco” Spiral Freezer

    spiral belt stainless steel wi

    belt Intralox

  • “GEA-Koppens” spiral freezer Type SVR600-15,50-29

    spiral freezer “GEA-Koppens”, Type SVR600-15,50-50-111

    Model: North -North

    NH3 (ammonia) or Freon

  • “Frigoscandia” Spiral Freezer, Type GCM10/3+1-08-30-27+9-NW-CR

    Model: North - East

    30 tiers

  • “KAAK” Twin spiraalvriezer

    “KAAK” Twin Spiral Freezer

    number of tiers per drum 21

    product height 125 mm

  • “Acfri” cooling tunnel

    “Acfri” cooling tunnel

    nett belt length 14.000 mm

    nett belt width 2.200 mm

  • “van de Vecht” IQF Freezer

    “van de Vecht” IQF Freezer

    capacity : max. ± 1500 kg/h.

    NH3 (ammonia)

  • Cooling tunnel

    Cooling tunnel

    nett belt length 2 x 5.500 mm

    nett belt width ± 900 mm

  • Sold

    “BOC – APV - CES” nitrogen tunnel

    belt width ± 1.200 mm

    belt length ± 8.500 mm

  • Sold

    nitrogen tunnel “Packo”

    belt width ± 650 mm

    belt length ± 7.000 mm

  • Maja Ijsschilfermachine

    Flake-ice machine "Maja", Type SA 3000 L

    capacity : 3.000 kg / 24 h

    installed on a stainless stee

  • DSI plaatvriezer

    Vertical plate freezer “DSI”, Type V4 38/75 B

    NH3 (ammonia) or R22/R717 (fre

    + hydraulic pump

  • Sold

    “Frigoscandia” Cooling- / freezing tunnel

    nett cooling length 6.000 mm

    nett belt width 1.050 mm

  • “Cryostar” Spiral Freezer

    “Cryostar” Spiral Freezer

    9 tiers

    belt width ± 500 mm

  • Sold

    Vertical plate freezers “GRAM”

    with 50 stations

    thickness blocks ± 85 mm