Vacuum tumbler

Vacuum tumblers are machines with a 120° tiltable drum. It allows products to be gently massaged, seasoned or marinated. 

Tumbling, massaging and mixing

Vacuum tumblers withdraw air from the barrel, tenderize meat and make it absorb all kinds of marinades or salt. The tumbling motion massages the meat into a moist and flavorful product every time. 

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The combination of Lutetia’s unique baffle design with proprietary technologies, like our continuous vacuum, results in optimum quality throughout successive phases of tumbling, massaging and mixing.

You can rely on new innovations to improve your processing efficiency, increase yields and deliver reliable performance.


The unique design of a baffle, when combined with a continuous vacuum process, results in greater brine absorption at the surface of the meat and more complete migration of brine components at the product core. 

Protein extraction, binding capacity and improved “slice-ability” are also positively affected. Best of all, Lutetia’s marinating and curing processes are faster, so your throughput and productivity are increased, along with your product quality.


Vacuum defrosting features innovative low-pressure steam injection that prevents protein loss as juices are reabsorbed. 

Discover our vacuum tumblers

Our defrosting tumblers:

  • yield up to 8 percent
  • faster defrosting times
  • precise temperature control
  • make it possible to integrate processes like defrosting with curing and marinating.

Dry cured products

Vacuum tumbling significantly reduces drying time and lowers energy consumption. It enables a perfect and even distribution of salt and an unmatched texture.

Our vacuum tumblers are suitable for various applications: 

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Fruits
  • Meat alternatives

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Product quality

A helicoidal baffle protects your product quality. From pork bellies to squid: the proprietary baffle built into every Lutetia Tumbler ensures a gentle rotation. Those gentle rotations are advantageous to all frozen and fresh processed products, whether you are mixing, massaging, tumbling, or efficiently combining processes. 

The resulting total penetration of the ingredients helps assure product consistency.

Full control and optimization

Cooking and cooling yields are also optimized. Tumblers are equipped with stainless steel control panels. Gain reliable control and supervision of revolution, temperature, vacuum and process cycles through the ease and convenience of our stainless steel control panels. 


The hygienic design and convenient access assures a complete, time-saving sanitation. The wide and conveniently operated door provides your crews with total visual inspection, as well as the access needed to protect against microbial latency.

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