Pre-owned graders and weighers

Barsso buys and sells pre-owned machinery for the food processing industry in over 50 different countries. Discover our range of pre-owned graders and weighers on this page.


Graders are designed to meet demands for highly accurate net-weight grading and packing equipment. This robust but sophisticated system uses intelligent grading to produce accurate batches for packing. The heart of the system is the intelligent batching software. This software uses complex mathematical algorithms to select the right pieces for each batch.

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  • Sold

    “Bilwinco” Multihead weigher, Type BW114W

    Range: 10g – 1000 g

    Heads 14 pieces

  • Sold

    “Ishida” Multihead weigher, Type CCW-RS-210W-1S/50-WP

    Heads 10 pieces

    max 45 strokes/min.

  • “Marel” weight grader CheckBin grader

    “Marel” weight grader CheckBin grader

    Weighing unit

    Grading unit