Sell your food processing machinery to Barsso

As an international dealer, Barsso buys all kinds of used food processing machinery: seperate machines, entire production lines and complete factories for the food industry. Do you have a machine for sale? Let us know.


We pay cash

We always pay the full price before collecting the item.


We pay more

Because of the way we work, we can usually offer more than any other dealer.


We buy stock

Because we have our own warehouse, we can purchase, pay and collect very quickly.


Machines we are especially interested in

We are especially interested in the following food processing machinery, but also accept other machines than listed below!

  • Continuous fryers and cookers (Koppens, Stork, Stein, Meyn, Berief, Niko, Heat & Control, Baader …)
  • Batter and breading, breading equipement or crumbing equipment (Koppens, Stork, Meyn …)
  • Stainless steel mixers (150 à 5,000 l) (Wolfking, Boldt, Scansteel, Glass, Rühle, Laska, Iozelli, Velatti, SIA, Scanio …)
  • Tumblers (300 à 7,000l) (Lutetia, Gernal, Dorit, Inject Star …)
  • Forming machines (Koppens, Formax …)
  • Cooking and process vessels (Berief, Gernal, Terlet …)
  • Cookers, smokers (1 to 6 trolleys) (Maurer, Vemag, Fessmann, Gernal …)
  • Stainless steel cutters (Seydelmann, Krämer & Grebe, Laska, Alpina, Rex Dücker, Alexanderwerk, Kilia, Stephan, Karl Schnell …)
  • Vacuum fillers (Risco Brevetti, Handtmann, Vemag, Schrofner …)
  • Thermoformers (Multivac, Tiromat, Mécaplastic …)
  • Grinders (200 à 400 mm) (Seydelmann, Wolfking, K & G …)
  • Frozen meat flakers (Magurit, Laska …)
  • Slicers (Weber, Dixie Union, Thurne …)
  • Slaughterhouses, slaughterlines, slaughter equipment (cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, poultry …, also halal) (Linco, Stork, Meyn, Systemate Numafa, Bayle …)
  • Complete production lines (meat processing, line, poultry processing line, fish processing line, convenience food processing line, production lines for meats, value added food products, pasta, prepared meals, sauces, soup …)
  • Complete plants and factories (meat plant, fish plant, poultry factory, vegetable factory …)