Hot air oven

Hot air ovens are used to manufacture cooked, steamed and roasted foods with a high yield and attractive appearance.

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Our industrial ovens have shown great trustworthiness over the last 40 years and are designed to meet to the highest performance standards:

  • Flexibility now and in the future
  • Our ovens are masters of versatility: steam, cook, brown and roast all in one oven
  • Fastest changeover between processes
  • Proven performance
  • Shorter cook time for more efficient cooking
  • More available heating capacity gives higher throughput
  • More equal colour development and more consistent core temperature
  • Ultimate reliability

Effective linear cooking for a wide range of applications

A hot air oven packs the benefits of combined vertical and horizontal airflow into a versatile in-line cooker for low to medium-scale production. It is a dual-zone oven with two independently-controlled temperature and humidity zones that are used for hot air cooking, steaming and roasting

The balanced cooking zones, together with a passive exhaust system, prevent heat losses and exhaust steam from the outside to a very low level. The energy consumption is further reduced by optimizing the airflow, maximizing the heat transfer and providing superior thermal insulation. The result is an environmentally responsible solution and low running costs.

Discover our hot air ovens

Main applications

Hot air tunnels are suitable for 400mm and 600 mm 900 mm wide lines and a wide range of cooking applications. It is an excellent solution for steamed, coated, marinated-enhanced browning, natural roasting, bone-in, boneless or formed products such as:

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Fruits
  • Meat alternatives

Top performance

Hot air ovens are extremely flexible applications for steaming, cooking and roasting: all in one linear oven. They are the perfect solution in efficient cooking with combined horizontal and vertical booster airflow. 

Maximum uptime is guaranteed due to a continuous belt wash system, even with the most difficult applications. 

Lowest variation of product colour and core temperature throughout the oven.

Process efficiency

Our ovens reassure a short cooking time and a higher yield for both coated, marinated-enhanced browning and roasted products. 

With a spot-on dew point control and temperature control in each cooking zone. From this balanced airflow, the energy consumption is reduced.

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Industrial spiral oven

The industrial spiral oven with excellent performance in terms of capacity, throughput, flexibility, consistency and reliability outperforms its rivals constantly. Our industrial spiral oven perfectly cooks poultry, pork, beef, fish or meat replacement products.

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Unchallenged performance

The spiral oven offers the best of both worlds by combining horizontal and vertical airflow. This allows the oven to efficiently balance the critical elements of time, temperature, humidity and air circulation to provide efficient cooking for a wide range of applications. It is this ability that makes the Master of Industrial Cooking.

The spiral oven is versatile: handling a wide range of products such as poultry, pork, beef, fish and meat substitutes, coated and uncoated, formed and natural, at high production throughputs.