Industrial fryer

An industrial fryer is an appliance constructed to heat large volumes of cooking oil for deep frying large batches of foods. These appliances are used to prepare and deep fry foods such as french fries, onion rings, doughnuts…  

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Our fryers have shown exceptional reliability over the last 40 years and are designed to meet to the highest safety standards:

  • Ranges from 4 to 8 meters frying length
  • 400, 500, 600, 700, 900 mm wide models 
  • Thermal and electrical heated
  • Modular built 
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Proven reliability due to 40 years of experience 
  • Plug-and-play installation 

Working principle

A conveyor belt transports the products through the heated oil. Depending on the type of application the conveyor belt is partly made of partly Teflon. The hold-down conveyor can be adjusted in height and ensures the products remain immersed in the heated oil. 

A scraper belt runs along the bottom over the total length of the fryer to take residual sediment to the outfeed end. A built-in slotted screen filter removes floating (surface) sediment out of the deep fryer. The internal oil circulation is controllable to ensure optimum temperature distribution and effective sediment removal.


The heat exchanger delivers the highest heating capacity in the industry and guarantees fast and uniform heating. The open design of the tubing reassures a maximum access from all angles, while the electrolytic polished tubes and frame prevent sediment build up. 

Our industrial fryers combine a high belt capacity and a high belt speed with a uniform oil temperature across the full width of the fryer. This combination assures and guarantees a flawless increase of speed of the industrial frying operation, as well with a consistent high quality end-product

Discover our industrial fryers

The oil flow is also in the same direction as the product flow, which delivers excellent results in terms of quality and throughput. The optimal high-speed kit increases the capacity and at least doubles the lifetime of a conveyor belt. 

The metal-to-metal contact is reduced at high belt speeds by robust belt supports and teflon inserts.

Output quality

The combination of adjustable oil flow and an adjustable belt height enables our fryers to maintain excellent product orientation, thus minimizing ‘twins’ (where two products stick together). 

Due to this combination, our industrial fryers deliver consistent product quality even with very high belt loads: the products remain evenly distributed, don’t touch each other and are not pushed around by the oil flow. This approach also ensures that the oil temperature is virtually constant along the full length of the fryer.

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