Used blanchers and pasteurizers

Barsso is a dealer in second hand machinery for the food processing industry. Take a look at our used pasteurizers and blanchers. If you would like more information or a price quote, please contact us!

Vegetable blanchers

Blanching is a cooking process intended to enhance the colour, flavour, and texture of vegetables. A blancher quickly cooks the vegetables in boiling water or steams them before they are plunged into a cold bath, which arrests the cooking process. There are different types of blanches: belt blanchers, drum blanchers (or rotary blanchers) and screw blanchers.

Continuous flow and batch pasteurizers

Pasteurization is a heat treatment used to destroy dangerous bacteria. It also greatly reduces the number of micro-organisms in the food. Small quantities of food can be pasteurized in a batch pasteurizer.  For larger, daily production, continuous flow pasteurizers are used.

  • Compact blancher and cooling line “Marinox” - 800 mm

    width 800 mm

    electrically heated

  • Compact blancher and cooling line “Marinox”

    power 50 KW

    electrically heated

  • “Berief” drum blancher Type  Jumbo KODUKO 16/500

    “Berief” drum blancher

    nett length ± 11 m

    with elevating spiral screw fo

  • Sold

    Continuous blancher-cooler “Marinox”

    belt width 1.150 mm

    cooking length 10.800 mm,ca.1.

  • drum blancher “Boldt”

    drum blancher “Boldt”, Type BFWB 40.15

    Net cooking length: 4.500 mm

    Diameter drum 1.000 mm

  • Sold

    cooking-blanching line, 4m “Kiremko”

    diameter 1.200 mm

    screw blancher