“Berief” drum blancher

“Berief” drum blancher

Type  Jumbo KODUKO 16/500


  • continuous blanching / pasteurizing / cooking vessel or cooling plant
  • shaftless spiral : perforated drum with welded screw (helix configuration) by which the products are gently transported through the water
  • complete insulated closed system : energy saving by the insulation of the entire machine and the indirect steam heating
  • nett length ± 11 m
  • all stainless steel
  • adjustable speed
  • variable dwell adjustment
  • steam heated
  • ·   connection 400 kg / h (5 bar)
  • heat exchanger
  • circulation pump
  • with conveyor belt
  • with elevating spiral screw for loading




Applications :

  • Blanching of vegetables and potato products
  • Pasteurising and/or after-pasteurising of vacuum-packed products
  • Cooking of sausages in natural or artificial casings
  • Cooking of heads and tongues
  • Cooking of poultry
  • Continuous soup production

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