Spiral freezers

Spiral freezers are the ideal machinery if you want to freeze packaged or unpackaged food products in a continuous process. They are used to freeze various products, e.g. vegetables, fruits, meat, bakery, ready-to-eat meals etc. Thanks to their compact size they can be deployed in every production environment, also those with limited floor space. 

Features & benefits

Barsso’s spiral freezers:

  • Save energy
  • Minimize yield loos
  • Are ultra-hygienic
  • Handle sensitive products very gently
  • Have a short freezing time

Save money

Barsso offers a range of second-hand spiral freezers, which are all completely revised at our own workshop. Buying at Barsso means buying a perfectly working machine at a very advantageous price!

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or a price quote. We are happy to be at your service.

  • “Heinen” Arctic Spiral Freezer

    Tiers 32 pcs.

    Belt width 600 mm

  • “GEA-CFS” spiraalvriezer

    “GEA-CFS” spiral freezer, Type SVR600-19-60-204

    NH3 (ammonia)

    net belt width 600 mm

  • “KAAK” Twin spiraalvriezer

    “KAAK” Twin Spiral Freezer

    number of tiers per drum 21

    product height 125 mm

  • Sold

    “StarFrost” Helix spiral Conveyor (ex spiral freezer), Model 85 – 36 RR – 15

    product height: ± 100 mm

    Model: North - South

  • Sold

    “JBT - Frigoscandia” Spiral Freezer, GyroCompact Type GC M7/3-10-40-26EW-CCR

    Belt width 70 cm

    East / West

  • Sold

    “Frigoscandia” Spiral Freezer, Type Gyrocompact GGM 76-08-20-16 NS

    suitable for ammonia and freon

    spiral belt with 33 tiers

  • Sold

    “Heinen” Compact Spiral Freezer, Type C11 + Compressor Bitzer DX skid

    Belt width 450 mm

    Tiers 11 pcs

  • “GEA-Koppens” spiral freezer Type SVR600-15,50-29

    spiral freezer “GEA-Koppens”, Type SVR600-15,50-50-111

    Model: North -North

    NH3 (ammonia) or Freon

  • Sold

    “Frigoscandia” Spiral Freezer, Type GCM10/3+1-08-30-27+9-NW-CR

    Model: North - East

    30 tiers

  • “Cryostar” Spiral Freezer

    “Cryostar” Spiral Freezer

    9 tiers

    belt width ± 500 mm