A mixer-grinder is used to mix materials, such as pre-chopped meat, with spices and auxiliary materials. It is highly suitable if you want to produce hamburgers, sausages, kebabs and so on.


Barsso’s mixer-grinders are designed for continuous feeding. They enable intensive, fast and robust mixing of materials and guarantee short processing times. They are available with a cooking and cooling function and are optionally equipped with a weighing device, which allows you to check the weight of the mixture during the mixing process. While mixing, little heat is generated, so the quality of the product is maintained during the entire process. Furthermore, a mixer-grinder is suitable for both coarse and extremely fine grinding.

Hygiene first

Our mixer-grinders all have a hygienic, sealed cabinet, thanks to which residues cannot remain behind in the machine and the mixer-grinder can easily be cleaned.  This makes it the ideal machine for processing hamburgers, sausages and other quality ground meat products.

Are you looking for a mixer-grinder but do you need some more information before you purchase one? Please contact us with all your questions.

  • “Wolfking” mixer-grinder Type TSMIG 1250/200

    mixer 1250L.

    200 mm – head