Ribbon mixers

A ribbon mixer is the perfect tool for mixing highly viscous products such as raw cheese or pet food.

Ribbon mixer vs. paddle mixers

Ribbon mixers and paddle mixers are both used to mix all your food products in a uniform, quick and intensive way. The difference? A ribbon mixer ensures a softer, less aggressive mixing. Not only are our ribbon mixers highly effective, they are designed in such a way that they cause as little friction as possible. Sensitive products are thus more likely to remain undamaged throughout the entire mixing process, allowing them to keep their quality.   

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  • Sold

    “Crepaco” twin shaft ribbon mixer 4.000L

    2 ABB engines

    new control box

  • “Palmia” twin shaft ribbon mixer 2.000 L.

    “Palmia” twin shaft ribbon mixer 2.000 L.

    with new control box

    new cables