Second hand grinders and mincers for the meat industry

As an international dealer in used machinery for the food, pet food and meat industry, Barsso offers you an excellent range of second hand grinders and mincers.

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Meat grinders and mincers

Meat grinding machines or meat mincers grind, mince or mix raw or cooked meat, fish, vegetables or other food. They replace tools like the mincing knife and are used to produce minced meat, filling, etc. 

Grinders can be used both for fresh and frozen meat (entire blocks of frozen meat can be handled without the need for precrushing). These machines are used for many purposes, such as sausage production (precrushing of the meat) or the preparation of fish products, sauces and fillings for noodle products.


Mixer grinders mix and grind meat without smashing or mashing it. Both ergonomic and easy to use, they are designed to increase production and to decrease labour.

Mixer-grinders are mostly used for the preparation of minced meat products, hamburgers and sausages needing a larger grain content. As one single machine, a mixer-grinder can produce all the end products required.