Frozen meat grinders

Frozen meat grinders pre-grind and grind even the hardest blocks of deep frozen meat up to -25°C. Common sizes or odd-shaped meat blocks, everything can be ground using a frozen meat grinder of Barsso.

Two-step approach

The process of grinding frozen meat blocks consists of 2 steps. First, the meat goes through a large breaker section that breaks the frozen blocks into smaller pieces of meat. Those pieces are then conveyed to a smaller compression and grinding section. In this section, fresh, frozen and mixtures of fresh & frozen meat are easily pre-ground before further being processed (e.g. mixing, fine grinding or emulsifying).

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information or additional advice. We will gladly assist you in choosing the frozen meat grinder for your application.

  • Sold

    “Wolfking” Frozen meat grinder, Type C 400 UNI-S2T

    400 mm head

    90 kW

  • Wolfking

    “Wolfking” Frozen meat grinder, Type C 400 UNI

    fresh and frozen meat: 0°C to

    90 kW