Vacuum - Cooking Cutter “Tipper Tie” 200L , Type BK 150

Vacuum - Cooking Cutter “Tipper Tie” 200L , Type BK 150

  • suitable for mixing, emulsify, reduction, vacuum, direct steam injection, indirect heating, cooling, gas injection
  • capacity ± 200L
  • loading : up to 150L
  • max. pressure drum 0,5 Bar
  • max. temperature drum 110 °C
  • max. overpressure double jacket 2,0 Bar
  • max. temperature double jacket 133 °C
  • max. direct steam double jacket – heating 40 kg/h
  • max. steam pressure /steam nozzle direct steam 3,4 Bar
  • max. direct steam  210 kg/h
  • + Loader for eurobins

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