Second hand industrial cookers

Barsso buys and sells pre-owned machinery for the food processing industry. We offer you a wide range of second hand industrial cookers or cooking vessels. Our used cooking vessels can be heated by indirect steam or thermal oil.  We offer you second hand cooking kettles, tillable kettles and horizontal agitator systems with Teflon wall scrapers, but also impingement ovens, travelling ovens and convection ovens.

Hot air oven or belt oven

The hot air oven is a belt oven for continuously preparing food products. It comprises a housing and a conveyor belt which is movable through the housing and on which the food products can be arranged. The heating elements and booster devices generate a stream of hot air through the housing while heating the food products arranged on the belt.

In the housing, there are elements to guide the stream of hot air over the belt in such a way that the products are uniformly heated in the transverse direction of the belt.

Belt ovens are mainly used to cook of all kinds of meat, poultry and fish products. Achieving the right appearance, flavor and texture for the most satisfying experience: it all depends on the cooking parameters. With heat treatment solutions you can control the process for the desired degree of juiciness, crispiness and browning.

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