Hot air ovens

A hot air oven is used to produce steamed, cooked and roasted products with a high yield and an attractive appearance.


In a hot air oven, you can prepare food in cooking temperatures up to 240°C. Thanks to a uniform airflow, you obtain food products with a uniform colour, excellent and consistent quality and a maximum level of browning, roasting and crispiness. Moreover, by using a hot air oven of Barsso, you can count on a high yield, high productivity and low energy costs.  

Safe & hygienic

Barsso’s hot air ovens are all very safe in use. Thanks to a scraper system, sediments are removed from the cooking area, thus avoiding caramelizing and potential fires. Moreover, the ovens apply to European CE standard as well as ASME/PED pressure regulations. Furthermore, the semi-automatic CIP system assists in the cleaning process, assuring the highest level of hygiene possible.

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