Emulsifiers & micro cutters


Food emulsifiers are used to cut and emulsify meat, sausages and delicacies. An emulsifier is the last machine on a production line and can be used to obtain a very high degree of fineness as well as a coarse grained product. The quality of the emulsified product is determined by the hole size in the hole plates.

Micro cutters

Micro cutters are used to produce meat masses for sausage production, fine pate, puree and other fine and smooth food products in the food industry. A micro cutter is ideal for the production of fine emulsions of meat or to produce soup, sauce and baby food.

Your benefit

If you use a second-hand emulsifier or micro cutter of Barsso, you:

  • Save working hours
  • Save money
  • Can count on our professional service at all times

Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you in your search of the perfect second-hand emulsifier or micro cutter.

  • Emulsifier “Stephan” microcutter Type MCH 20

    knife 0,35 mm


  • Vacuum emulsifier “Inotec”

    Type I-225CDVM/132

    169 kW

  • Sold

    Emulsifier "Stephan" microcutter Type MC 15

    1 speed

    11 kW

  • Stephan microcutter

    Emulsifier "Stephan", microcutter Type MC 10

    Knife: 0,35 mm

    1 speed (3.000 tpm)

  • Stephan

    Emulsifier “Stephan”, microcutter Type MCH 15

    in line cutter


  • Sold

    Emulsifier “Karl Schnell”, microcutter, Type 049F150

    Hopper: ± 50L

    capacity up to 1.000 kg/h