Second hand slicers and dicers for the food industry

Barsso is an international dealer of used machinery for the food processing industry. On this page, you can take a look at our broad choice of second hand slicers and dicers. If you would like a price quote for one of our machines, please contact us! In our own workshop, we can check or rebuild the machine of your choice, or you can buy it as it is.

All-round machines

All-round dicers and slicers can cut, slice, dice or shred products depending on the configuration of the machine’s tooling.

Cutters and slicers

Cutters are designed to cut products with a reciprocating knife or blade or by using a rotary knife. Slicers, on the other hand, can slice elongated products with a number of knife blades. The thickness of the slice can be changed by adjusting the product in-feed rate and the rotary knife tooling rate.


Dicers cut the product into small cubes. They take in products of a given thickness, they cut them into long strips and cross-cut the strips to create cubes.

  • Fam Centris 315

    Centris 315 "FAM" Slices and Shreds cutter

    perfect cut quality

    1 tool case

  • Comitrol Processor “Urschel”, Model 1700



  • TS1D Fam

    “FAM” cutter, Type TS1D

    infeed belt ± 1.400 mm

    new control box

  • Fam

    “FAM” strip cutter - dicer, Type CMD-3D

    capacity : from 1.600 to 3.000

    for rectangular, square or cyl

  • Sold

    Slicer “Treif”, Type DIVIDER 660 PLUS

    with 3 teflon-knives


  • Sold

    Cheese grater “Groba”, Type KKR-500

    with 10 graters


  • Sold

    DiversaCut Sprint dicer "Urschel"

    Elevating conveyor belt

    water circulation pump

  • Sold

    Portion cutter “Treif”

    Type Lion CE

    cuts: 200 pc/min

  • coupeuse lanières

    “Flexifam” strip cutter - dicer, Model 9444

    circular knife of 7.5 mm

    Knife set: 5 x 5 x 5 mm