Innovative poultry processing solutions

Stork Poultry Processing or Marel Poultry is now part of the unified Marel Brand and provides in-line poultry processing solutions and innovative technologies. Stork’s equipment complies with the highest quality standards and is widely known for the high yields, trusty performance, low cost of ownership and clever maintenance concepts. They continually invest in finding new and better ways to optimize production processes in the poultry industry.   

Diverse range

Stork offers a wide array of machines for but not limited to:

  • Live bird handling
  • Deboning, skinning and trimming
  • Portion cutting
  • Freezing
  • Weighing
  • Evisceration
  • Killing and defeathering
  • Chilling
  • Cut-up
  • Meat harvesting

All of Stork’s systems are modular, which means that they can be used in combination with other equipment and manual processes. They offer custom solutions for the entire in-line process.

Excellent service

Skilled engineers and their help desk that is operational 24 hours a day offers service and professional advice across the world. On top of that they provide service contracts that include maintenance programs and they supply spare parts when necessary.