Premium machinery for the agro-food industry

Stephan® was founded in 1988 and has been designing and manufacturing machines for the agricultural food industry for more than 50 years. They supply machines for small and intermediate enterprises and for the industry. Stephan®-machines are well and widely known for their high-quality and well performing equipment that is reliable, innovative and ergonomic.  

Worldwide representation

In late 1999 A. Stephan & Söhne Became part of the Sympak group that comprises of companies specialized in producing and wrapping food products. Today, Stephan® is represented worldwide in more than 100 countries and has subsidiaries in the United States, Belgium, France, Canada, Great Britain, Austria, Singapore and the Netherlands.

Diverse range of equipment

Thanks to partnerships with brands such as Alco and FIREX, Stephan® is able to offer an extensive range of devices for the meat processing industry and convenience food:

  • Shaft mixers
  • Hot cookers
  • Fryers (gas, steam or electrical version)
  • Forming machines
  • Battering machines
  • Kettles