Filling machines for the food industry

Handtmann is a German family company that has been supplying filling machines and portioning systems for the food industry since 1873. They use state-of-the-art filling technology to provide devices with premium feeding, excellent servo drive technology and good vacuum performance to ensure the best possible production output. To date, Handtmann is represented in more than 90 countries around the world. They aim for close contact with their customers to be able to provide personal sales and customer services. Handtmann highly values the feedback they get from clients. They use it to develop extra equipment for specific uses that can be attached to or mounted onto the basic devices.

Extensive range

Thanks to years of experience and their constant search for improvement Handtmann was able to build an impressive range of machinery that consists of:

  • Vacumm fillers (for filling, portioning and linking)
  • High-vacuum fillers for industrial use
  • Software solutions to optimize the production process
  • Linking and separating lines for automatic sausage production
  • ConPro systems (continuous co-extrusion)
  • Inline grinder systems
  • Forming systems to automate product forming
  • Dosing systems