Smart solutions for food processing

Group Aktiengesellschaft (GEA) is a German leading international technology group that supplies technology for the food processing industry and a varied range of other processing industries. They develop sophisticated process technology and components for production processes and offer custom solutions to optimize your performance.

Multifunctional equipment

GEA’s varied offer consists of individual machines and entire integrated production lines to prepare, marinate, process, slice and pack products such as meat, fish, poultry, confectionery, fresh and frozen vegetables, seafood and cheese products:

  • Grinder: PowerGrind, AutoGrind, UniGrind, ComboGrind, FreshGrind, MaxiGrind
  • Mixer: UniMix, ColdSteam
  • Mixer-grinder: CombiGrind
  • Cutting: CutMaster, QuickLock
  • Emulsifier: EcoCut
  • Brine preparation: ScanBrine
  • Injecting: MultiJector
  • Tenderizing: TenderCarve
  • Massaging: PowerCure
  • Tumbling: RotoDrum, ScanMidi, ScanMini, ColdSteam
  • Forming & Portioning: MaxiFormer, MultiFormer, FreshFormer
  • Wet coating: OptiCoater, OptiDipper, WetCoater, TempuDipper, TempuMixer, BatterMixer
  • Dry Coating: MultiDrum, OptiFlour, CrumbMaster, OptiAir
  • Frying & Oil treatment: EasyFry, Oil Management System, Oberlin Filter, RotoFilter
  • Spiral Cooking: CookStar
  • In line Cooking: FlowCook
  • Grilling: GrillMarker, TwinGrill
  • Roasting: CookStar Turbo 1000
  • Slicing equipment: DualSlicer