State-of-the-art technologies

Frigoscandia Equipment is a company that develops leading freezing technology and equipment. They became a part of the JBT Foodtech group in 1996. Ever since JBT Foodtech continued Frigoscandia’s work, allowing the brand to create and extend a very successful product range.  

Frigoscandia is specialized in freezing and chilling applications that facilitate the production processes and allows food processors to offer a whole new array of frozen food products. On top of that they provide an abundance of applications knowledge.

Premium freezing equipment

Frigoscandia Exuipment has shaped the frozen foods market with their inventions such as but not limited to: chillers, proofers, the FLoFREEZE®, the ADVANTEC® and the best-selling self-stacking GYRoCOMPACT® spiral freezer. Their equipment is modular, which means you can adapt it to your specific processing needs. Frigoscandia provides reliable, safe, hygienic and flexible devices and always tries to develop food processing solutions that meet their customers’ demands.