Leading manufacturer of cooking equipment

Swedish company Formcook AB was founded in 1989 and is a long-term leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial cooking- and forming machines and continuous conduction cooking equipment for the meat processing industry. They offer proven contact cooking technology and have years of experience in heat transfer, food application, product design and production techniques.

Varied range

Formcook’s offer a diverse range of equipment for each stage of the production process:

  • Combi cookers
  • Contact cookers
  • HSC cookers
  • Mechanical forming machines
  • Single belts
  • Flat belts

Part of the JBT Group

In 2014 the Swedish company Formcook AB became a part of JBT Corporation that provides leading global technological solutions for the food processing and air transportation industry. They also design, produce and test systems and products for customers active in the food industry through its JBT FoodTech segment. Around 3.600 people in more than 25 countries worldwide work for JBT Corporation in sales, service, manufacturing operation departments.