Pre-owned separators

Barsso is an international dealer of used machinery for the food processing industry. Take a look at our range of pre-owned separators here.

Separator technology is designed to separate soft or liquid components from solid components, for a wide range of applications. For instance, the machines are used to desinew pre-cut red meat, fish and poultry, to produce puree and juice from vegetables and fruit, and also to depackage small packages. Separators allow you to refine a variety of raw products.

How do separators work?

The product is fed to a perforated drum by means of a squeezing belt. The soft components are pressed through the holes of the drum, while the solid components are left outside the drum. The throughput values depend on a number of parameters, such as the size of the holes in the drum, they pre-treatment of the product, the pressure or the temperature.

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