Battering & breading machines

Do you want to batter or bread food like meat, fish, poultry or vegetables? Count on Barsso’s professional battering and breading machines. We have an extensive offer of used machinery for the food industry.

Automising battering 

A battering machine quickly and easily applies a wet coating of egg batter onto the product. First, a conveyor brings the product to a type of bath, where a thin layer of batter and a four-layer batter is applied. Then you can bread the product if desired.

Professional breading

Breading machines apply breadcrumbs or other types of breading to food that has already been battered. A conveyer puts the product on a bed of breadcrumbs. Meanwhile, a funnel applies a topcoat. Next, a vibratory plate or a pressure roller presses the bread crumbs.  

Save time and money

Battering and breading machines save you a lot of working hours. As we sell used machinery, you can save a considerable amount of money on the purchase. We guarantee a well working or revised machine. Moreover, you can count on our professional service in our own workshop. Discover our offer and contact us without engagement for more information.