Fully equipped devices for the food industry

Berief is a German company that designs, manufactures high-quality food processing machinery. They provide plants, equipment and production lines to thermally process food products. They offer standardized machines, but those can also be adapted to specific requests or project demands.

High-quality service

Berief’s employees from the sales, planning, production and service departments are always available to help you when you want to order spare parts, plan an operation or simply have a question. Their efforts support their proven technology and techniques. Besides professional technical and technological advice Berief gives their customers the chance to test the machines in their very own “test kitchen”. It’s this test experience that often encourages customers to get  complete processing lines.

Varied product range

Berief offers diverse types of equipment to cook, boil, braise, roast, blanch, brown, grill and cool food:

  • Fryers for chicken (KIPPKO)
  • Teflon belt grills (DUBRA)
  • Tilting frying pans for chicken
  • Dispersion kettles
  • Cooking kettles (HODAKO-S)
  • Lifting and tilting devices (Swingloaders)