Meat grinders

Do you often need to grind raw or cooked meat, fish, vegetables or other types of food? Then the meat grinders of Barsso are the perfect tool.

Grinding process

The minced food is put into a funnel, which is placed on top of the meat grinder. The food product then goes on a horizontal screw conveyor, which squashes and partially mixes the food. At the end of the screw conveyor, a knife is installed in front of the hole plate. The fineness of the meat depends on the size of the holes of the plate.

Save time & money

The meat grinders of Barsso save you a considerable amount of time and money. As we sell used machinery, you will not have to spend the purchase price you would when buying new machinery, while you still get a perfectly working or revised machine. Discover our offer of meat grinders and contact us without engagement for more information.

  • Wolfking vleeswolf

    “Wolfking” meat grinder, Type C 250 UNI

    fresh and tempered meat

    with loader for eurobins

  • Winkelwolf WW200

    Self-feed grinder "GEA-CFS”, Type WW 200

    200 mm - head

    with tool trolley

  • Sold

    Self-feed grinder "GEA-CFS”, Type WW 160

    160 mm - head

    + Loader for eurobins

  • Meat grinder “Seydelmann”, Type AU 200-B

    Meat grinder “Seydelmann”, Type AU 200-B

    with tool trolley

    + Loader for eurobins