Vacuum tumbler “Lutetia”, Type 4

Vacuum tumbler “Lutetia”, Type 4

  • loading : 50 to 55% (± 1.800 kg)
  • all stainless steel
  • Lutetia control
  • adjustable speed (frequency inverter)
  • suitable for steam injection  (to thaw) (steam generator not included)
  • 2 main motors (6,6 kW)
  • dimensions (l x w x h) : ± 3.300 x 1.500 x 2.000 mm
  • loading height : ± 1.150 mm
  • weight 1.400 kg

Defrosting system:

Tumbler-defroster designed for quick and effective defrosting of raw meat material and for salting and massaging meat.

One-time loading for massaging: max. 2.000 kg

One-time loading for defrosting: max. 1.500 kg

The machine reduces from fourfold to eightfold the time of defrostating process. It can defrost frozen blocks, poultry carcasses, frozen products, grinded meat etc.

This system helps to avoid the protein losses during the defrostation by absorbing of the meat juice. The output of a defrosted material - 100% of loaded material weight.

Process includes drum rotation and permanent heating of raw material by injections of steam with adjustable vacuum.

Vacuum system is permanently connected with a drum, that helps to keep the pre-set vacuum level and work with "pulsing vacuum".

Drum, frame and all main elements are made from stainless steel.


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