Complete plant for sauces, soups, pesto, jam, spreads and salsa

Complete plant for sauces, soups, pesto, jam, spreads and salsa

Waldner Batch Cooking system:

Structure of the cooking system:

  • Cooker K1 (vacuum) 1750 liters filling volume
  • Cooker K2 (vacuum) 1750 liters filling volume
  • Cooker K3 / without vacuum) 1750 liters filling volume
  • Buffer tank P4 2500 liters filling volume for raw materials
  • Buffer tank P5 2500 liters filling volume for semi-finished products
  • Buffer tank P6 2500 liters filling volume for semi-finished products
  • Buffer tank finished products P7 2500 liters
  • 3 euro bin loaders
  • Production recooling to 2 heat exchanger blocks
  • CIP cleaning system with 3 tanks a 3000 liters, the cleaning cycle runs 90 minutes after the end of production
  • Pumping station for 2 types of oil or similar liquids
  • Pumping station for piecemeal products such as tomatoes or the like
  • Ideal for the production of jam, sauces, soups, spreads.
  • The cooking system is built in 2018
  • The condition is absolutely as good as new, the machine has only a few operating hours
  • To set up the system, an area of around 400 square meters and a room height of at least 6.5 meters is required.


  • maximum filling volume 1750 litres
  • Three heating zones
  • High-tech agitators with reverse running
  • Fully automatic closable manholes
  • Recipes computer
  • Automatic dossiering of different ingredients possible
  • Doublejacket steam heated
  • V4A Steel
  • Buffer tank with agitator made of V4A steel


The cooking system is ideal for the production of sauces, soups, salsa, spreads and jams.

Currently, the plant has 3 main cookers. Two of the cookers can reduce the liquid in a targeted manner, even under vacuum, and this to an accurate level of one litre. The third cooker has been used for finishing or making semi-finished products, but can also cook any other type of product where no vacuum is needed. The cooking system can be extended by another cooker, the system is already designed for this. The platform has also already been built accordingly. The system can currently convey piecemeal products with a maximum size of 16 x 16mm without damaging the products. The pumps are designed for this.

Finished products, semi-finished products or raw materials can be buffered in the buffer tanks, depending on the recipe and production process.

Water, raw materials, semi-finished products and two different types of OIL or similar liquids can be pumped fully automatically into the cooking units via recipe computer.

Thanks to the integrated passing machines, sauces, soups, vegetables or fruit masses can be passed hot.

The system has a corresponding


Waldner Dosomat 10.4:

Four lane rotary filler with large cup magazine and buffer tank. The buffer tank is equipped with a vertical agitator.

The rotary rotor also has a leak test so that any leaking cups can be discharged from the process.  Furthermore, this system has an anti-drip.

The system is ideal for filling sauces, soups, salsa, spreads and jams. Tomato sauces, Bolognese, chili con carne and various soups were previously hot-filled on the site.

The filler is designed for a filling volume of 180 – 500ml. On the plant, n cups  with a filling volume of 350ml were filled.

Depending on the cup size and viscosity,  the rotary machine can fill between 4,000 – 9,000 units per hour.


Steritech continuous pasteurizer with chiller and product drying

This compact  complex has 4 towers. One tower for pasteurization and 3 towers for cooling,the warm and cold area  is  separated by a lock.

The system is equipped with a Daikin  refrigeration system for active cooling. This has an output of 294 kW/h. This includes the corresponding dry cooler. Furthermore,  the plant is equipped with a tray conveyor system and a high-performance product drying system.

The maximum throughput of the system depends on the filling temperature and the target temperature. The maximum product height in the system is 130mm.

With a filling temperature of approx. 82 C°, a filling volume of 350ml and a target temperature in the core of 3C°, the system achieved a capacity of 2000kg/h.

Due to the efficient and fast cooling of the products, we have achieved enormously long shelf lifes without any additives. The system cools down the critical area very quickly. After just 7 minutes, the system succeeds in cooling the core of the product from 82C° to 18 degrees and thus overcoming the critical zone very quickly.

A fully automatic loading and unloading system from Waldner is also available for the system.

Pilot cooker Waldner

200 liter content.

Recipes computer

High-tech agitators with reverse running



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